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Fighting Diabetes

Fighting diabetes, a major challenge of the 21st century

Diabetes is a major cause of early mortality and disability

Diabetes is forecast to become the 7th leading cause of mortality worldwide
(Source : PLOS / https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pmed.0030442)


our 6.5 million people-region, 

it reaches 7%, the highest prevalence in mainland France with a 21K incidence/year


its prevalence in adults is 5% overall,

up by 2.5% a year


50% of diabetic patients die
before the age of 60 years,

and individuals who develop the disease in their 40s have a life expectancy reduced by 25%

Diabetes costs are enormous and uncontrolled

It represents 15% of overall French health care spending, and increase by 9% a year. Given the current epidemic of adult obesity, especially in Northern France, and population aging there is no hope for a spontaneous reversion of this disastrous trend.

Prevalence in adults: 5%
+ Up by 2.5% a year

Hauts de France Region has the highest prevalence:
7% in our 6.5 million people-region

15% of French health care spending+ 9% increase per year




Auto-immune disease


A middle age disease,
progressive loss of beta-cell insulin secretion occurring
on a background of insulin resistance

Reducing diabetes complications incidence would bring huge benefits
for individuals and health cost

PreciDIAB mission is to develop this strategy, in order to improve medical outcomes (morbidity, quality of health, mortality) and to decrease health care costs related to diabetes.

Controlling diabetes should involve a multidisciplinary team of physicians and of life and human science researchers in order to move to more efficient precision diabetes medicine.

We need an integrated translational diabetes research strategy to provide coordinated improvements in standards of diabetes medical care, in particular in hospitals, and a radical change in patients’ management.

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