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Project objectives and strategy

PreciDIAB’s vision is that the trend towards an unstoppable extended diabetes public health burden
could be reversed in France within the next 10 years

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Our mission

Our mission is to develop a groundbreaking integrated approach of diabetes prevention and personalized care, based on scientific evidence and innovation.

We will combine a program of prevention of diabetes and comorbidities targeted to the different higher risk groups of diabetic patients, together with the emerging precision medicine based on the stratification of diabetic patients using cutting-edge markers, followed by the experimentation of innovative customized treatments in patients groups selected through original “diabmarkers”, their scientific evaluation and dissemination beyond Center PreciDIAB.

Since Lille University Hospital (CHRU de Lille) has French largest diabetic patients’ cohort with 10,000 outpatients and 3,500 inpatients admissions/year and one in five of them affected by diabetes, PreciDIAB will show the path to the 21th century precision diabetes medicine: to make it possible, we will build the necessary world class education programs for students, health staff and patients.

Our advanced Public Private Partnership (PPP) strategy will dramatically speed up the process in transforming collaborative translational research discoveries into innovations that we will implement within the Center PreciDIAB, carefully evaluate and further disseminate when proven useful.

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