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ambition is 

To boost the development and market launch

of innovative products

and services for diabetes care

To ensure their adoption

by the diabetic population

PreciDIAB will create the most favourable conditions for efficient Public Private collaborative research (diagnosis and follow-up tools, drugs, medical and IT devices), and set up a comprehensive “machinery” to generate scientific outcomes and exploited them smoothly. Close partnerships with health agencies will be established.

PreciDIAB softlanding plateform
offering equipped laboratories of 500m2

Valorization is one of the main features of the institute

As such, PreciDIAB is setting-up a Business Development Unit. At the heart of the research teams, one of its main missions will be the detection of valuable results which will be the subject of a systematic technical-economic evaluation.

On the basis of this evaluation, the Valorization Management will decide on each case study : the appropriate IP protection, the best transfer strategy, the appropriate allocation of resources. The BDU will manage the projects till its social-economic valorization.

The table represents the process of our Technological transfer and value creation powered by the BDU, supported by the innovation network agency (Eurasanté), and connected to external innovation communities (SATT Nord, Inserm Transfert and NHL competitiveness Cluster).

From scientific results…

to product and services commercialized on the market


of valuable


IP portfolio


Incubation and accelerator support

Start-up creation

Technical maturation


Set up collaborative projects

Fund raising from research agencies

Engineers, side by side with PreciDIAB research teams, in charge of the screening of new results suitable for technology transfer and commercial opportunities

Assessment of the results, designing the appropriate protection strategy and decision on the best way of transfer:




Companies having already expressed their wish to become a member of PreciDIAB Initiative

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