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PreciDIAB Initiative


What is PreciDIAB Initiative?

PreciDIAB Initiative is the business club of the National Center for Precision Diabetic Medicine – PreciDIAB. The club is dedicated to partnering companies and entrepreneurs working in the field of diabetes.

Co-managed by the cluster Eurasanté, it aims to generate, attract, structure and manage Public-Private-Partnership projects in line with its “open-innovation” approach.

PreciDIAB Initiative is also a fast track think tank to generate and brainstorm new industrial projects with academic teams for the sake of research, companies and citizens.


Who can become a member of PreciDIAB Initiative?

PreciDIAB Initiative is open:

  • to all active entities in translational and clinical research, research and development, and prevention in the domain of metabolic disorders (start-ups, SMEs, ETIs or big companies, associations, foundations, etc.), whatever their field of activity (pharma, nutrition, e-health, medical device, etc.)
  • to associate members (mutual funds, etc.) who may contribute to exchanges within the club and support emerging projects


What are the benefits gained through membership?

Subscribing to the PreciDIAB Initiative club is a « fast-track – easy access » to:

  • a scientific and clinical network of excellence partners in the field of diabetes and related diseases
  • valorisation and clinical research teams
  • technical platforms and specialised equipment : Equipex LIGAN-PM, Immune-phenotyping platform, Islet platform, etc.

PreciDIAB Initiative also provide services:

  • at least 3 annual privileged meetings and networking with the other members
  • workshops, working groups, brainstorming on current topics
  • to set up and participate in collaborative or structuring projects
  • take part in a national and international dynamic: partnership with other national precision medicine centres, European centres of excellence, French and European competitiveness clusters

As comprising an organisation team with various skills, the club offers a comprehensive range of technical, strategic and economical services and expertise:

  • support for the design of clinical trials for the benefit of patients
  • support for the coming up and management of collaborative projects
  • assistance with any aspect of intellectual property rights, business development, project management, regulations
  • support for strategic thinking: financing innovation
  • support for meetings with the PreciDIAB key opinion leaders


How to join PreciDIAB Initiative?

Interested in joining PreciDIAB Initiative or eager to know more about PreciDIAB National Center?
Contact us at club@precidiab.org to receive the joining documents or to plan a meeting.


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