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Platforms and equipment

A new way to educate and train health professionals

Ligan-personalized Medicine (LIGAN-PM)

The EQUIPEX LIGAN-PM platform, led by P. Froguel, is dedicated to the high-quality sequencing of the human genome.

The platform has optimized high-speed, high-throughput, cost efficient next-generation sequencing (NGS) protocols including:

  • targeted DNA sequencing,
  • whole-exome sequencing,
  • whole-genome sequencing,
  • methylation sequencing (methyl-seq),
  • RNA sequencing (RNA-seq),
  • chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq),
  • shotgun sequencing of human microbiota,
  • chromatin conformation capture sequencing…

Immune-phenotyping platform

Immunophenotyping Platform (PIM), led by D. Doombrowicz, is dedicated to the analysis of the immune system in metabolic diseases using state of the art equipment.

Equipement consist in 3 main apparatus:

A Becton Dickinson Aria X20 flow cytometry analyser

> 5 lasers,
> 18 fluorescence parameters

allows to perform extensive analysis of immune-population in an user-friendly setting

A Becton Dickinson Influx jet-in-air cell sorter

> 6 lasers,
> 20 fluorescence parameters,
> 6 ways of sorting

uniquely allows the simultaneous sorting of 6 different populations

A Fluidigm Cytof II
mass cytometer

based on mass spectrometry,

allows the simultaneous analysis of up to 120 parameters (theoretical limit) with current protocols and reagents limited to 39 parameters.

ISLET PLATFORM (biotherapy)

Platform led by J. Kerr-Conte, dedicated to the production of clinical grade pancreatic islets for transplantation from brain deceased organ donors (allografts) or patients with benign pancreatic diseases (autografts).

This “high volume” production facility (>60 pancreata/year) has > 2 decades of experience, with 7 clinical trials (171 islet preparations transplanted in 76 patients).


Eurasport is an integrated platform dedicated to translational research and molecular analysis on impact the on health of physical activity, exercise and sport.

It is the only center of this kind in France gathering:

A cellular and molecular biology lab

An animal research facility for rodents with specific equipment for testing aerobic capacity, strength, energy expenditure and muscle function

A research set on human exercise physiology – respiratory physiology, cardiovascular physiology, muscle testing –,

A fully equipped exercise training set

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