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PreciDIAB ambition is to revolutionize the way diabetes is managed within 10-yr period. This requires radical changes in the way health professionals are educated and trained. It implies a multi-dimension teaching and training program that improves knowledge and motivation of each actor of the chain without weak link. We will build the first diabetes international graduate school with a high caliber MD/PhD program, teaching cutting-edge science in metabolic diseases, and best operating practice between academic and private research and clinical practice, to foster the transition from discoveries to innovation. In addition, we will establish with our partners an annual international summer school for entrepreneurship in diabetes (ISSED) to facilitate innovations in diabetes.

This program should generate the next-generation diabetes research leaders in Europe for academia, industry and biotech. It is supported by our pool of world-renowned scientists from LABEX EGID and associated French partners, and from our established network of excellence including our associated international laboratory with Lausanne University (CNRS LEA), Leuven and Louvain Universities (main partner of Lille I-SITE) and Montreal CHUM.

Huge efforts are also needed to train medical practitioners and health professionals (including staff from health charities and industry) to better evaluate and disseminate innovations in diabetes care. PreciDIAB with its network of renowned experts in diabetes clinical will radically improve postgraduate medical training in clinical research. The best clinical researchers and talent from academia, charities, industry and from health administration/agencies will teach Good Clinical Practice principles illustrated through on-going clinical studies in the diabetes and co morbidities field.

And third, moving to stratified and personal medicine is not an easy step. It needs deep understanding of omics revolution and highly skilled clinical staff interacting with specialists and GPs. We will establish the first teaching course in “precision diabetic medicine” for health professionals who will be instrumental in delivering high quality genomic medicine and personal diabetes care.

Diabetes Science International Graduate School

The objective of the PreciDIAB IHU is to build a new internationally outstanding recognized PhD program for releasing excellent MD, pharmacists and biomedical students for careers in clinical, basic and translational research in diabetes and its complications. The graduate school gathers clinical, basic, human and social, pharmacological and technological sciences for the best academic and industrial research in diabetes and its complications, innovative therapeutic and healthcare.

Fast track and facilitated path for MD internship in the International Graduate school

The international graduate school with the Lille Faculty of Medicine support strongly encourages the PreciDIAB MD/PhD program. For this achievement, a fast track entry to M1 will be possible from the second year of Medical training. Different possibilities are offered to medical interns for pursuing a PhD program. A gap year within the internship will be possible for completing the Master 2.



The Master 2 double degree of the International Graduate school

The 1-year Master 2 (M2) of the graduate school includes a first semester (S3) of theorical training and a S4 of practical trainings leading to a double degree that can be achieved in four University partners based on a formal agreement between Lille University and University of Lausanne (National Rank: 7, Shanghai Rank: 151-200), University of Montreal (National Rank: 6-8, Shanghai Rank: 151-200), University of Louvain (National Rank: 3, Shanghai Rank: 101-150) and KU Leuven (National Rank: 2, Shanghai Rank: 90).

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