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PreciDIAB’s strengths

Lille diabetes research is very highly recognized by PIA, ANR, ERC and IMI.

Since 2011, diabetes research has been constantly awarded by the French Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (PIA):


A laboratory of excellence
on basic diabetes research


An equipment of excellence on human genomics, both headed by Philippe Froguel


A Projet de Recherche Hospitalo Universitaire,
on diabetes liver comorbidities,
headed by François Pattou

Three PreciDIAB PIs are current ERC awardees

Philippe Froguel

Advanced grants on (epi)genetics of diabetes and biliary

Bart Staels

Advanced grants on immune metabolism,

Amélie Bonnefond

Starting grant on regulatory DNA sequences and diabetes.

Center PreciDIAB scientists are instrumental in IMI EU-Industry funded diabetes projects Imidia, Direct and Rhapsody. PreciDIAB complements these efforts offering a unique opportunity to optimally bridge upstream basic research to clinical studies and to groundbreaking innovations in diabetes care.

3 of the 4 CHRU and the projets Fédératifs Hospitalo Universitaires (FHU) are part of PreciDIAB:


On cardio-metabolism

  • headed by head of metabolic surgery and of
    I-SITE health “hub” François Pattou,
  • with head of cardiology Eric Van Belle
  • and head of hepatology Philippe Mathurin

On vessels and cognition

headed by Lille University VP for research Régis Bordet who is also scientific coordinator of the EU funded IMI project Pharmacog(nition)


On fetal life, neonatology and infancy

headed by the head of obstetrics Laurent Storme

All of them are PreciDIAB PIs. PreciDIAB clinical research teaching is headed by the CHRU Clinical Research Centre director Dominique Deplanque. PreciDIAB PIs neurologist Luc Buée leader of Lille labex Distalz on Alzheimer is director of Lille INSERM JP Aubert center. Patrick Berche is director of the Pasteur Institute of Lille.

PreciDIAB benefits from the strongest commitment and involvement of all Lille’s key scientists and leaders in the field

Key French diabetes opinion and community leaders have also joined PreciDIAB

Pierre Fontaine

Head of CHRU endocrinology department is President of the Société Francophone du Diabète (SFD, IHU founder)

Michel Marre

Academic consultant of PreciDIAB Clinical Trial Unit is President of "Fondation Française pour la Recherche sur le Diabète"

Guillaume Charpentier

President of CERIDT, largest diabetes clinical research charity, plays an important role in IHU clinical studies.

Gérard Raymond

President of the diabetic patients’ charity Fédération Française des Diabétiques (FFD, IHU founder)

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Fédération Française des Diabétiques (French Federation of Diabetics)
An ever-increasing prevalence, the high costs of diabetes and its complications, the psychological, social and professional repercussions of the disease, the stakes of diabetes are many. Fully committed to the governance of health, the French Federation of Diabetics, particularly work to cure diabetes and improve care and care pathway by supporting research and develop solidarity actions targeted to the different public concerned. However, patients are still forgotten in the innovation process. Today, in a changing health system where therapeutic and organizational innovations are developing, patients should have their proper place. Their involvement is therefore essential in order to understand, to explore and, above all, to help developping products and services that meet their needs and expectations.
As a founding member the French Federation of Diabetics (Fédération Française des Diabétiques) supports the holistic and innovative approach of PreciDIAB (cutting-edge research, care pathway, health professional education, valorization) based on co-construction and representation of patients’ interests in the governance of the institute.

An outstanding Lille entrepreneurial activity supports PreciDIAB



A public diabetes/NASH company founded by Bart Staels, chair of PreciDIAB research committee



A genomic company created in 2000 by Philippe Froguel as well as new genomic medicine start-ups Prenostics



A drug discovery start-up created by Benoit Deprez



Bayer Healthcare, part of the global company Bayer, is delivering science for a better life by advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments.


Main of these regional companies have been supported by Eurasanté, founded by the Lille University Hospital Center in 1997.

Beyond Lille, many biotech SMEs have chosen PreciDIAB for their development, such as



The French microbiome company


(my Diabby)

An e-health start-up specialized in diabetic patients



Most avanced  start-up in artificial pancreas



Specialized in Patient Relationship Management



World leader in metabonomics

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