Our missions

We are developing new methods of prevention in order to prevent the onset of diabetes and better manage people already affected to avoid complications of the disease, this is our mission.
Pr. Philippe FROGUEL
Scientific and Technical Manager of the National Center PreciDIAB

PreciDIAB is the National Center for Precision Medicine for diabetes, bringing together leading scientists and multidisciplinary clinicians from Lille and Amiens, players in the health industry and innovative start-ups, and associations of patients and professionals. The whole project is also strongly supported by national and local authorities with total funding to date of 23M € (2020-2025).

PreciDIAB’s mission is simple but ambitious: to offer by 2025 new solutions to prevent and treat all diabetes and their complications, and to allow people with diabetes to have an expectation and a quality of life identical to that of non-diabetic, all at a controlled cost.

A holistic approach based on 4 pillars for personalized patient care :

Innovation & Personalized Medicine through the development of public-private partnerships

Translational research

 in order to understand the physiopathological mechanisms at the heart of the different forms of diabetes 

Clinical research

to elucidate the key mechanisms of the development of complications associated with diabetes and thus propose innovative methods of prevention and personalized treatment

the exploitation of results

through innovation and technology transfer through the industrial club PreciDIAB Initiative

education, training

 and dissemination of knowledge resulting from PreciDIAB research

Based on these 4 pillars, PreciDIAB offers a program that revolves around several projects for the prevention of obesity, diabetes and its comorbidities, especially in high-risk people (obese children, mothers with gestational diabetes). , precarious people), as well as in complex patients combining other types of pathologies (cardiac, cerebral, renal). These prevention programs will be combined with the development of precision medicine based on the stratification of patients through biological, genetic and environmental markers. The stated objective is to change the paradigm of care for all people with diabetes or at risk of becoming so, in order to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and their complications throughout life, to birth to senescence.

In order to strengthen the attractiveness on the territory and to structure public-private partnership projects in an open innovation approach, the industrial club of PreciDIAB – PreciDIAB Initiative – is a driving force for the development of partnerships with companies, entrepreneurs and investors working on all diabetes issues. The club is also a place of exchange aimed at generating new projects between academic teams and industrial players.