Graduate programme “Precision health”

The Graduate Programme ‘Precision Health’ offers a unique training to excellence research to form students to the innovative concepts that will drive tomorrow’s research and health management. It is open to talented Biologists, MD and PharmaD from national and international origin, to form the next generation research leaders for academia, industry and biotech.

The Graduate Programme includes a course in Master Biology and Health (M2) and a PhD programme, which is open to the whole scientific community including postdoctoral fellowships, engineers, teachers and researchers. It gathers innovative theorical courses on current cutting-edge technologies and approaches (e.g. next generation sequencing, systems biology and integrated bio-informatics, artificial intelligence, mathematic modelling of biological systems, state-of-the-art therapies, and interdisciplinary modules (including cohort management, healthcare economics and ethics). Applications are taken from the leading themes in the health sector, which cover different types of chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases, neurologic and neurogenerative diseases, infectious and immuno-inflammatory diseases), justifying a precise approach over the long term, from screening to the prevention of complications. Theorical courses are taught in english by local, national and European world-class experts in the field.

All the students will achieve a mandatory international mobility during their training in the partners of the Graduate Programme.

The Graduate Programme has partnered with socio-economic institutions and a particular focus is given towards the bioentreprenarship to prepare students for their future professional integration.

PhD fellowships are awarded to students who are motivated to pursue their research training.

The Graduate Programme is part of the PreciDIAB project, a collaborative venture between Lille world-class scientists, multidisciplinary clinicians, health industry and innovative start-ups, patients and professional diabetes associations, to develop innovative therapeutics and managements of patients.