The PreciDIAB Project

Lille: a trajectory of excellence in research on diabetes and metabolic diseases

The label of National Center for Precision Medicine

The National Centers for Precision Medicine (CNMP) are centers of excellence in research, care, training and technology transfer in the field of precision medicine. The CNMP label was created in 2019 following the publication of the results of the second University Hospital Institute call for projects (IHU2). This label is awarded by the National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the Future Investment Plan (PIA) to a research consortium bringing together a critical mass of researchers, teacher-researchers and hospital staff within ” an integrated structure mainly associating a university, a university hospital center or a health establishment, and one or more research organization (s).

This label is recognition of the excellence of basic and medical research in a specific area of ​​health. The CNMPs aim to strengthen the competitiveness of French research at the international level, the attractiveness of the territory for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health technologies manufacturers, and the potential for valorisation and transfer of research results. towards the patient and the population.

To this end, three CNMPs have been created, each focused on a major public health challenge :

The three CNMPs share a common mission: to develop and offer by 2025 and beyond new solutions to prevent and treat targeted pathologies (e.i. diabetes, solid cancers and hematological diseases) in order to improve the living conditions of patients but also to contribute to the prevention of these conditions and their complications.

Their strength lies in the gathering in a unique place of researchers and clinicians, from the best university, hospital and academic teams, around a specific clinical theme.

The partner establishments of the project

Project funders

The entire project is strongly supported by national and local authorities with total funding to date of € 23M (2020-2025).