Our National Center for Precision Medicine

Worn by Prof. Philippe Froguel, PreciDIAB was recognized by an international jury and labeled by the state National Center for Precision Medicine for Diabetes in December 2019. Coordinated by ISTE-ULNE, this project is supported by the European Metropolis of Lille, Amiens Métropole , the Hauts-de-France Region, the National Research Agency, and the European Union.

PreciDIAB brings together multidisciplinary specialistsresearchers and clinicians, with a common goal : to develop new means of prevention, care and treatment of diabetic patients in order to counter the disease and its consequences and to offer diabetic patients quality. and a life expectancy equal to that of non-diabetics.

PreciDIAB combines programs to prevent the incidence of diabetes, obesity in children and their co-morbidities, targeting those at highest risk in the general population and those most vulnerable among diabetic patients, with for overall objective the development of optimal precision medicine based on the stratification of patients according to the most advanced markers (biomarkers and lifestyle markers).