Adhérent PreciDIAB : DietSensor

DietSensor, makers of the CES Las Vegas award-winning dietary rebalancing app of the same name, is on a mission to help anyone with a chronic disease, starting with diabetes, use knowledge scientifically validated on balanced diet as a lever of action with high impact for the management of one’s disease. The platform’s educational content, advice, menus and innovative tools have been broken down into two mobile applications: DietSensor to help prevent overweight and Diet&You, to empower patients in optimizing their food choices. Diet&You takes into account multiple cross-pathologies such as Diabetes, dislipidemia and hypertension. It also makes it possible to eat better and to avoid undernutrition during episodes of treatment against cancer.

Joining PreciDIAB gives us the opportunity to collaborate with public and private institutional partners to set up programs that support patient therapies through learning to eat a balanced diet independently.