DiabInnov – Dispositif Médicaux

Person in charge: Prof. Robert Caiazzo

DiabInnov is a research platform that helps companies and academic laboratories to research and develop innovative therapies for the treatment of metabolic diseases and their comorbidities, in order to significantly advance the therapeutic management of patients.

It is made up of a multidisciplinary translational research team. This team is known worldwide for its clinical and preclinical research on human islets of Langerhans and for its animal models.

Its mission is to put fundamental, preclinical and clinical research on metabolism at the service of health research companies and universities, in order to highlight new pharmacological targets, to test new compounds and to accelerate safety tests and efficiency of innovative medical devices.

DiabInnov’s main area of ​​research is focused on human metabolism, focusing on the isolation of islets of Langerhans for clinical transplantation and translational research, complemented by basic research on the cell biology of human islets of Langerhans.

Our research platform also aims to identify and validate new molecular biomarkers associated with obesity and its comorbidities, in particular type 2 diabetes. This is possible thanks to the unique cohort of human islets from lean, obese and diabetic donors and to the ABOS biobank: a translational research collection of metabolic tissues (liver, muscle, visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue, intestine) and blood samples (plasma, serum, DNA) from> 1,600 obese who underwent bariatric surgery. DiabInnov’s perspective is to promote dialogue between scientists, researchers and surgeons on the one hand, and pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of innovative medical devices on the other.

This biomedical gateway to biotechnological innovation facilitates the obtaining of patents, the acceleration of CE marking, the implementation of new surgical approaches using excellent know-how.