David Dombrowicz (Team Director)

Olivier Molendi-Coste (Technical manager and research engineer)

Laurent Pineau (Research engineer)

Person in charge: Dr. David Dombrowicz

An ever-growing number of studies illustrate the very important role played by cells of the immune system in cardiometabolic pathologies and their complications. In addition, an individual’s metabolic status partly determines the state of their immune system. In both cases, the detailed characterization of the immune system represents an important element in the diagnosis and in the understanding of the physiopathological mechanisms.

This is the reason why, within the framework of EGID-Labex, we have developed an original strategy for a metabolic immunophenotyping platform for analyzes in humans and in experimental or preclinical models.

This platform aims at the parallel analysis of metabolic parameters and immune cells and functions. To this end, strategies for the simultaneous analysis by flow cytometry of a large number of markers (up to 18 fluorescence parameters) have been developed not only for blood cells but also for adipose tissue, liver, muscle, intestine and skin. At the same time, we are developing strategies for analyzing endocrine cells, particularly in the pancreas. Cell sorting can also be performed in order to purify cell populations of interest for functional and / or molecular analyzes.

The immuno-phenotyping platform is equipped with several state-of-the-art equipment: a sorting analyzer allowing the simultaneous purification of 6 cell populations and an analyzer by mass cytometry, a rapidly developing technique for simultaneously analyzing up to 42 markers.