Person in charge: Dr. Marc Emmanuel Dumas

The metabolome platform responds to the need to set up a metagenomics theme by shotgun sequencing, in particular by creating synergy with the LIGAN-PM platform. This technical platform will be based on state-of-the-art equipment (latest generation mass spectrometers in particular), the establishment of a library of pure chemical standards for more than a thousand metabolites and lipids, and highly qualified dedicated personnel.

Together they will provide valuable scientific data on all of our projects. These data will then be analyzed through the implementation of a bioinformatic pipeline for processing metagenomic sequences. The latter will make it possible to integrate the metabolome, the metagenome and the host genome in order to map and exploit the wealth, still largely unknown, of our intestinal pharmacopoeia, a reservoir of bioactive natural substances biosynthesized by the microbiome with still largely potential. unexplored.