Risk markers for complications

Person in charge : Prof. Inga Prokopenko

Study of the links between diabetes and cancer risks

Diabetic complications are very difficult to predict and lead to an increase in early mortality. At present, there is no relevant marker for the risk of complications, especially for patients in stressful life situations (eg: unstabilized insulin-dependent patient).

Our goal is to make new discoveries in the assessment of the risk of complications and comorbidities associated with diabetes in order to allow more effective management of patients in potentially critical situations, particularly in cases of association between diabetes and cancer.

Indeed, the prevalence of breast and colorectal cancers is higher in people with diabetes and also leads to higher mortality. It is therefore essential to develop tools to assess the risk of cancer in diabetic patients at an early stage, notably through the use of genetics, epigenetics and microbiome analysis in patients with T2D.