Corporate and City Sponsorship

The Entreprises et Cités foundation, dedicated to territorial excellence, has chosen to get involved in the National Center PreciDIAB as a sponsor. The sponsorship agreement was signed on March 21, 2019, during the launch day of the industrial club PreciDIAB Initiative, by Mr. Régis Bordet, Managing Director of the I-SITE ULNE Foundation, Mr. Olivier Pagezy, Managing Director of the Entreprises et Cités Foundation, as well as Prof. Philippe Froguel, Scientific Director of the National PreciDIAB Center.

The purpose of this sponsorship is to promote interactions between the academic world and the business world, as well as the development of activity in the very heart of the territory. To do this, Entreprises et Cités has decided to support the industrial club PreciDIAB Initiative, an essential driver of the intensification of Public-Private Partnerships within the National PreciDIAB Center.

Olivier Pagezy explains in more detail the role of his foundation in the PreciDIAB project.

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