The European Metropolis of Lille strengthens its support for PreciDIAB

On October 11, the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) confirmed its support for PreciDIAB. The objective of this research and care institute is to completely rethink the health journey of people suffering from diabetes, as well as the methods of their care, in particular thanks to artificial intelligence.
The MEL is thus strengthening its support for this institute, which has been carrying out research in this field for several years, and is contributing to the rise of its research project.
The European Metropolis of Lille wishes to make higher education and research a strategic issue for the metropolis. As such, it supports several projects of the Future Investment Program (PIA), including PreciDIAB, the future “National Center for Precision Medicine”, for innovation and excellence.
Through all of its research program, PreciDIAB aims to become a research center with a global vocation for the treatment and prevention of obesity and diabetes, in accordance with the ambition displayed by President Damien Castelain at the occasion of his speech of January 25, 2018 for the 50 years of the MEL. The institute draws on the tools of precision medicine and approaches the disease in innovative ways, particularly with regard to the specific risks incurred by patients. To do this, it is implementing a coordinated program to improve the prevention and care of different types of diabetes.
The PreciDIAB institute project, of which Philippe Froguel is the scientific leader, is supported by the Lille University Hospital, the University of Lille, Eurasanté, the Institut Pasteur de Lille, the I-SITE Université Lille Nord Europe, in link with INRIA, INSERM, CNRS, the Francophone Society of Diabetics and the French Federation of Diabetics. Supported by higher education and research establishments and supported by local authorities and around forty regional or international manufacturers, it also relies on excellent laboratories and clinical teams.
Ultimately, excellence in diabetes research is expected to lead to advances in related research areas such as neuroscience or cardiovascular disease. A large part of the metropolitan health research ecosystem is engaged in this dynamic.
“As close as possible to metropolitan areas, the European Metropolis of Lille is committed to fighting diabetes. It is therefore natural that we renew and strengthen our support for PreciDIAB, which through its multifunctional approach, its management of biological, clinical and socio-economic data and its research dynamic carried by project teams who have already demonstrated their know-how. internationally, will allow the disease to be approached differently. ” says Damien Castelain, President of the European Metropolis of Lille. “
The MEL confirmed its support for PreciDIAB by voting a grant of 10 million euros over 5 years, from October 2019 to the end of 2024, to the I-SITE University Lille Nord Europe Foundation.
This will allow the creation of cohorts, the establishment of prevention programs and the structuring of partnerships around an industrial club, PreciDIAB initiative, coordinated by Eurasanté. In this context, the MEL also provides financial support to 7 of the 12 lots that make up the PreciDIAB program, as part of their innovation. The total investment amount for the PreciDIAB project is 58 million euros.

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