The PreciDIAB Initiative Day – March 21, 2019

On March 21, 2019, the launch day of the PreciDIAB Initiative industrial club was held within the European Institute of Diabetes Genomics (EGID) in Lille.

During this event, we welcomed more than 70 participants, industrialists, scientists and representatives of the institutions involved in the PreciDIAB project.

Thanks to a strong mobilization of industrial partners, all of the diabetes research sectors that were represented: well-being and health, nutrition, e-health and artificial intelligence, medical devices, drugs, and many others.

A big thank you to all for your participation in this day rich in exchange, and which presages many collaborative projects.

For those who weren’t there, here is a video of the must-see moments of the day!

Feedback on the launch day of PreciDIAB Initiative


A morning on PreciDIAB and its industrial club:


Introduction to PreciDIAB – the Center
e National of Personalized Diabetes Medicine by Prof. Philippe Froguel, followed by a presentation of the various leaders and work packages of the project.

Presentation of the industrial club PreciDIAB Initiative: its organization, its functioning, its objectives and the advantages that this club will bring to its members.


Round table with 5 industrial partners, actors in different diabetes sectors, and collaborating with scientists from PreciDIAB.


An afternoon to prepare future PreciDIAB Initiative projects:


Working groups: scientists and industrialists exchanged views on 3 founding themes of PreciDIAB:

  • Clinical research and therapeutic trials
  • AI, e-health and patient monitoring
  • Multi-omics search

These exchanges made it possible to define the subjects that will constitute the thematic rooms during future club meetings.

B to B meeting: 10 scientific leaders
ques were present to meet manufacturers in order to prepare future collaborations.

Visit of the platforms: at the same time, participants had the opportunity to visit 3 PreciDIAB platforms:

  • Immunophénotypage Métabolique
  • Biothérapie (Islet Platform)

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