New members of the PreciDIAB Initiative club

Dedicated to companies working in the field of diabetes, the industrial PreciDIAB Initiative club welcomes 5 new members to build new projects together. Defymed, Enterome, GD Biotech, Enterosys, Valbiotis… they tell us why they chose to join the club.

Defymed is a company developing innovative implantable medical devices. ExOlin® allows the intraperitoneal delivery of insulin by being coupled to an external insulin pump (start of clinical trials expected by the end of 2020). MailPan® is a device for the macro-encapsulation of insulin-secreting cells. Our goal is to find the best device / cell combination in order to hope for the start of clinical trials in 2022.

Dr Manuel PIRES , Defymed Business Developer :

PreciDIAB is a unique opportunity for Defymed to join a network of opinion leaders in the field of diabetes. Through PreciDIAB, Defymed will participate in workshops and strategic discussions with potential partners.

Enterome is a world leader in the discovery and development of new pharmaceuticals derived from the gut microbiota in the fields of cancer, autoimmune, inflammatory and metabolic diseases.

Christophe BONNY , Chief Scientific Officer d’Enterome :

Joining the PreciDIAB initiative Club allows us to integrate the expertise of opinion leaders in metabolic diseases and in particular in the field of Diabetes, to have access to the results of translational studies of cohorts of patients in these pathologies and to have the opportunity to propose and participate in collaborative projects.

GDBiotech is a spin-off of the Genes Diffusion group which hosts a portfolio of technologies and patents finding applications in fields as varied as molecular diagnostic (qPCR) and immunological (multiplex ELISA) solutions, bioinformatics tools for the automation of DNA sequence analyzes, and the study of the microbiota.

Claude Grenier, CEO of GD Biotech :

Our company has no direct link with human health research. However, we have developed or applied for our activity many technological and even scientific methods similar to those applicable in human health research. We would like to share with the members of this network around these favorite subjects.

Entérosys specializes in high-quality preclinical evaluation services and is developing its own R&D projects in the field of diseases that alter communication between the intestine and the brain through the development of new therapeutic molecules, in particular for the treatment of diabetes. type II and fatty liver disease. The Entérosys company is particularly interested in the enteric nervous system, considered to be an innovative target for treating these pathologies.

Anne Abot, Entérosys CSO :

We joined the PreciDIAB Initiative to contribute to the research effort on diabetes and its co-morbidities, to interact with academic, private and clinical partners to identify new relevant partnerships.

Valbiotis is a Research & Development company committed to scientific innovation, for the prevention and the fight against metabolic diseases in response to unmet medical needs.

Sébastien Peltier, CEO of Valbiotis :

The PreciDIAB club brings together a national network of academic and industrial partners who have skills and expertise in the field of diabetes, it is obvious for Valbiotis to join it and to contribute to scientific excellence.

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